Saturday, August 24, 2013

Future Plans In India

Thank you for your prayers and support!
This past trip to India was full of teaching, preaching and fellowship! 

I would like to share a vision with you that we (myself and David Pou) have for the future in India. We have successfully purchased land in a strategic location (photo below) and will be building a house and a mission training center on that land. I ask that you pray about what you can give to support this project. It is a two and a half year project (house must be completed by the end of that time so that David and his family can move in). All of the details are listed below.


Estimate for house construction

 6 rooms(1-kitchen, 1-sitting room, 2- family rooms, 2- guest room) and 2 bathrooms.

Plan and target for two and half years (2013 -2015).

1.     Bull Doze for leveling and filling the earth.                                                                  $300

2.     Making a temporary two room house for store and laborers.                                 $600

3.     Digging a ring well for drinking water                                                                           $500

4.     Laying and building foundation.                                                                                  $2,000
a. Cement
b. Sand
c. Bricks
d. Rods
e. Labor charge

5.     Building wall, doors, windows, toilet &bathroom.                                                  $4,000
a.    Cement
b.    Bricks
c.     Sand
d.    Wood and iron for doors and windows frame.
e.    Glass
f.      Labor charge

6.     Roofing and ceiling                                                                                                      $2,000
a.    Wood
b.    Tin sheet
c.     Ply wood
d.    Labor charge

7.     Plumber, electric, painting, floor plaster, labor charge.                                          $1,400

Total approximate amount                                                $10,800

Please do continue to pray and support for this project.

We have already begun to collect for this project 
and have enough to begin the bulldozing on the land!

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