Saturday, August 24, 2013

Future Plans In India

Thank you for your prayers and support!
This past trip to India was full of teaching, preaching and fellowship! 

I would like to share a vision with you that we (myself and David Pou) have for the future in India. We have successfully purchased land in a strategic location (photo below) and will be building a house and a mission training center on that land. I ask that you pray about what you can give to support this project. It is a two and a half year project (house must be completed by the end of that time so that David and his family can move in). All of the details are listed below.


Estimate for house construction

 6 rooms(1-kitchen, 1-sitting room, 2- family rooms, 2- guest room) and 2 bathrooms.

Plan and target for two and half years (2013 -2015).

1.     Bull Doze for leveling and filling the earth.                                                                  $300

2.     Making a temporary two room house for store and laborers.                                 $600

3.     Digging a ring well for drinking water                                                                           $500

4.     Laying and building foundation.                                                                                  $2,000
a. Cement
b. Sand
c. Bricks
d. Rods
e. Labor charge

5.     Building wall, doors, windows, toilet &bathroom.                                                  $4,000
a.    Cement
b.    Bricks
c.     Sand
d.    Wood and iron for doors and windows frame.
e.    Glass
f.      Labor charge

6.     Roofing and ceiling                                                                                                      $2,000
a.    Wood
b.    Tin sheet
c.     Ply wood
d.    Labor charge

7.     Plumber, electric, painting, floor plaster, labor charge.                                          $1,400

Total approximate amount                                                $10,800

Please do continue to pray and support for this project.

We have already begun to collect for this project 
and have enough to begin the bulldozing on the land!

Monday, July 1, 2013

India 2013

I've been blessed with the opportunity to head back to India on July 17 to work with the local church and youth in North East India. This will be my 6th time to India in 4 years. I will be speaking at youth retreats and church services during my time there. I am expected to preach around 10+ times during my visit.

The total cost of airfare was $2300. If you would like to give towards this trip, all you have to do is click the 'donate' button that you see to the right. ANY and ALL help is GREATLY appreciated!

Please keep me and those who i will be spending time with in your prayers.

Cold Water (Proverbs 25:25) coming soon.............

Friday, November 2, 2012

Do Your Job

This past month I was privileged to not only be apart of FUEL 2012 (San Francisco), but was also asked to be the retreat speaker. Getting to know these kids (from several different churches) over the past 4 years has been awesome. Having the opportunity to be used by God in the capacity that He has allowed me to in their lives is something that I do not take for granted. I believe that God will be faithful to complete the work that he started in many of their lives at FUEL 2012. (Philippians 1:6)

I am blown away by what God is doing in the lives of my kids at the Korean Church where I am serving as their Youth Pastor. I have seen much spiritual growth in many of their lives since God opened the door for me to serve there. The friendships that are being formed have not only been a blessing to me, but also to iTuesday. The photo's above were taken on a Sunday morning which was also Korean Thanksgiving Day. 

Shortly after returning from FUEL 2012, we decided to have a youth lock in. This lasted from a Friday night @ 7pm until Saturday morning @ 7am. It was awesome. Games. Devotions. Worship Service. Sundae Bar. More Games. Yea....awesomeness. 

Last weekend, I went to Fontana, CA (about an hour outside of LA) to take part in a youth weekend. The theme of the weekend was 'DECISIONS'. I was given the opportunity to share with the youth there several times as well as preach on Sunday morning. The main scripture that we focused on was Luke 9:57-62 and Luke 14:25-27. We talked about what it means to truly be a follower Christ and what that decision entails. 

It was another awesome weekend with some amazing kids who have a desire to KNOW Christ. 
I was/am encouraged by them and ask you to pray for them with me.

iTuesday. I really am blown away by what God has been doing with the ministry here. Over the past 3 months we have seen a very consistent number at our weekly meetings. Last week we were challenged to find space in our normal meeting room for the number of people we had. Thats a good problem. I ask that you would please help pray with us for God's direction with this ministry. Pray that even more lost souls walk through the doors of our ministry and experience God's love while finding true discipleship. This Family is Awesome and is a light in New Orleans. 

So now, the personal stuff:

This past month (October) has probably been the most busy/exhausting month of my life (but saying that in a good way). I'm tired. God has been teaching me a lot about balance. I am very grateful to be surrounded by so many friends who are able to give me wisdom and assist in all areas of the ministries God has let me be apart of. I am looking forward to staying 'home' (New Orleans) for the next month and a half and resting while praying for God's direction.

I was faced with some disappointing news yesterday. I called to arrange my flight to the village in India (where i was planning to go in December - January) and found out that the cost of my ticket was well over what i have available. I have not had adequate time to spend on fundraising and think that i will not be able to go to India again this year. I sent out letters and DVD's a month ago, but did not receive any financial support from those letters. I am still praying that God would provide the necessary monies for me to go. Please pray with me. I miss my family/friends in India and was/still am looking forward to being with them for the holidays. The cost of a ticket is $2600.

Something that God showed me this month: 

1 Corinthians 3:7
'So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.'

It's always amazing to see what God does when you just do your job. Many times i would get frustrated because i wouldn't see any 'fruit' from the seeds that God was allowing me to plant. I was quickly reminded this past month that God is the one who makes those seeds grow, and He does so in His perfect timing. We just need to stay focused and keep doing our job. God will do His. 

So...DO YOUR JOB.   

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good and Bad Accepted

I've been home (New Orleans) for about 3 weeks now and have the opportunity to update this blog.

First, I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who prayed for me and continues to pray for me. The past 3 months that i spent in India was the most fruitful visit i have ever had. We saw many make decisions to follow Christ!

The last couple weeks were difficult, but God used them to teach me very important lessons. We found out that Glory (Davids wife), who was 13 weeks pregnant, had a miscarriage. We spent several days at the hospital and Glory had to go through a procedure that was difficult to go through. At the same time that was going on, i found out that i had Typhoid Fever. I had never heard of 'Typhoid Fever' ever, but i learned about it the hard way. I was very sick the last week that i was in India and had to get 6 injections (1 a day for 6 days) directly into my vein. When i got on the plane to come home i began to have an allergic reaction to the injections that i had received. When my plan landed in New Orleans (40+ hours later), it was so bad that i had to be rushed to the doctor. They told me that i was the 5% who was allergic to the injections i received and i was put on medication immediately. As of now, i am still dealing with a little bit of the allergic reaction, but things are MUCH better than they were!

All of this sounds crazy, i know. But i would like to share something with you.

After i found out that i got Typhoid Fever, David and i were heading back to the house in the village on the motorcycle. David said to me, 'Now you have to pay for what you have done.' My first response was 'What have i done?!', and i was very confused. David then began to explain to me that whenever the Gospel has been furthered, and the Kingdom of God increased, someone has had to pay a price. I began to think of all that i have read in the Bible and understand exactly what he was telling me. Lots of kids came to know Christ and many who had made the decision in the past to follow Christ were filled with his Spirit (and i don't say this because of an emotional reaction that was had, but because of the fruit that was evident in their life after being filled) during my visit. God's Kingdom HAS been furthered and the Gospel HAS been spread!

                       This is a picture of my doctor and 1 of the 6 injections i had to get.

There was only ONE week (out of the 3 months that i was in India) where i could have gotten sick and it would not have affected ministry time....and it was the last week, the week i got sick. Anytime sooner, it would have affected our plans to preach. Anytime (even 1 day later) and it would have affected my travel home and i wouldn't have been able to get on the plane. God was faithful to me, even in the sickness.

After we found out that Glory had a miscarriage (which was very difficult), you would think that there would be many emotions to deal with and the struggle would be difficult. Well, that's what i thought. But it wasn't. Why? Because of a simple reminder of what the scripture teaches us. Immediately after finding out what was going on, David said this.....'God knows what He is doing. 'Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?'. David quoted this verse from Job 2:10 that put everything in perspective.

Yea, i think that sums up how we should all view things.
Good or Bad, God knows what He is doing.
His way IS perfect. (Proverbs 18:30)
And also, God works ALL things for the good of those who love him. (Romans 8:28)

BY FAR, best trip ever. Most fruitful (for me, personally, as well as for those who accepted Christ) As I heard a pastor in India say, 'Everything that God allows you to go through is to prepare you for your ministry in the future. He is doing this so that you will be able to teach those who He graciously allows you to feed, as sheep.'

One important lesson learned: Feed His Sheep.
They aren't my sheep or your sheep, they are HIS sheep. And our job is to feed them. Get to know and understand the condition of the people that God has allowed you to be with so that you know how to feed them. So many times i have just preached based off of what 'God put in my heart', when it was not what the people, the sheep, needed to hear. And because of that, there was no growth.

Always learning and growing.

So, i want to send you DVD with some video's and pictures if you send me an email ( with your address so i can put one in the mail for you.

Love you guys.

Friday, August 3, 2012

More Naga Everyday

We haven't had very good electricity over the past month. And on top of all that, there have been several large earthquakes here over the past several weeks. I haven't been able to get the time or a good enough internet connection to post pictures/send emails/update all of you. Here is a collection of pictures from the past month. There has been A LOT going on and we have been very busy. Youth Camp, Youth Seminar, Sunday morning youth service, Sunday morning service and church in the Hindi colony. it goes....

                                                         This is me and Glory (David's wife)
A little boy playing outside of the church on Sunday night in the Hindu colony
We (me and members of EPIC) went to a little village to teach/play games with the kids
My family. (David, Voupoulo, Shidziine and Glory)
Nothing like trying to get to church in a rain storm.
My and my lil girl, Shidziine
Me and Ayevei on our Exposure trip to Shriilong
My and David.
Sunday morning Preaching in Poumai Village
Me and the kids. 
'Be Transformed' Youth Seminar (50+ kids attended)
Teaching some new worship songs
Met this guy at the train station
Some of the youth from Toulazu
The youth from Poumai Church

Thank you for taking the time to look at this blog and pray for me. I can't tell you how much i appreciate your support and prayers. Need them. This has been my 5th time to India, and my 3rd time to Northeast India. This has definitely been the most fruitful trip i have ever been privileged to have. We have seen many youth commit their lives to Christ as well as major spiritual growth in the youth who already know Christ.

Please continue to pray for me and the remainder of my time here. This upcoming week we have 4 services that we will be leading.

Thank You. So much. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012